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Audrina Aqua Turtle

Audrina Aqua Turtle

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What is fabulous, elegant, beautiful and ready to be a cuddly plush companion for life? I'm so glad you asked! Take a look at the one and only Audrina the Aqua Plush Turtle with Crown. From the frilly fabric on the end of of the fins of this aqua plush turtle with crown to the golden crown sitting atop her head, this aqua stuffed turtle with crown has charm that simply cannot be denied. Measuring approximately ten inches, this aqua turtle stuffed animal is a convenient size to keep at home on your shelf or bed, but also to take with you to show and tell at school. Can you imagine the look of wonder on your friends' faces when they see you have a aqua turtle plush animal? If there's one thing Audrina the Aqua Plush Turtle with Crown knows how to do, it's make a great first impression. Covered on the outside with soft, durable aqua colored plush, and stuffed on the inside of materials of only the highest quality, this aqua stuffed turtle with crown has will catch eyes and turn heads. With quality you can both see and feel there's no way to go wrong with this aqua turtle stuffed animal. Turtle fanatics and stuffed animal enthusiasts alike are lining up to get their hands on this aqua turtle plush animal, and you can beat them all to it by ordering one of your own today. So, what are you waiting for?

10" long

Ages 2yrs+