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Surf Mobiles Bamboo Footie Pajamas
Surf Mobiles Bamboo Footie Pajamas

Surf Mobiles Bamboo Footie Pajamas

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Bring a bit of aloha with you wherever you go with our Hawaiian baby clothes. Made from a blend of Bamboo Viscose and Spandex, our clothes are both comfortable and adorable all while making it a little easier to get off and on. Includes a full-length zip closure that can zip from top to bottom or bottom to top, meaning you don't have to take the whole thing off when it comes time for a diaper change.

*Sizes 6-9M,  9-12M include non-slip soles

When you're a mini grom and the waves are firing, you're willing to get to the beach by whatever means necessary. Blogger Rebekah Steen of Goldfish Kiss puts a playful twist on classic beach transportation with this Surf Mobiles print...vroom!

The vibrant watercolors of Goldfish Kiss are beautifully spontaneous and utterly feminine—a fantastical piece of Hawaii and surf culture. She makes you feel like you’ve escaped to an imaginary paradise, where flowers flow from waves and joy abounds.

Gift it with a matching romper, coverallhat, swaddle blanket and / or quilt

Fabric: 90% Viscose from bamboo, 10% spandex

Care: Machine wash cold (without bleach), tumble dry on low heat.

Available in Shark, Aloha Rainbow and Turtle prints