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Raw Multi Colored Authentic Certified Amber Bracelet

Raw Multi Colored Authentic Certified Amber Bracelet

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Artificial mouth pain products and mouth pain relief medicine can be ineffective and sometimes downright unsafe.

The Art of Cure Baltic Amber Bracelet is your natural solution to reducing pain, drooling, and inflammation during dentition. They take great care and craftsmanship when hand-crafting each piece to ensure your little one is safe and comfortable.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND BALTIC AMBER BRACELET : Baltic Amber is a resin that formed millions of years ago and contains a chemical called succinate that occurs naturally both in our bodies and in nature. When the Baltic Amber bracelet comes into contact with your body heat, it releases a small amount of succinate which is then absorbed by the skin. The Succinate provides your child with dentition relief, an improved mood, and much more.  Succinate has been used for centuries due to its safe natural benefits including pain relief, anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties, improved immune system, calming effect, and a better mood.

• All of their Baltic Amber is sourced from the Baltic Sea, yielding a much higher percentage of Succinate (up to 8%).

• Noticeable soothing, calming effect after only a few hours and even more after a few days.

• It’s 100% natural, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects that synthetic medicine.

• Double safety knotted for your protection

REDUCE INFLAMMATION - Baltic Amber Bracelet Jewelry Boosts your immune system and reduces drooling

NATURALLY SAFE – They take great care in hand-crafting each Baltic Amber bracelet. Every Baltic Amber piece is safety knotted and crafted from all-natural authentic Baltic Amber materials. dentition pain and inflammation with succinic acid

QUALITY COUNTS - They use the highest quality materials and pure 100% Natural Baltic Amber from the Baltic Sea in The Art of Cure Bracelet to help get the maximum amount of dentition pain relief in the safest way possible

CERTIFIED PURE – They have Baltic Amber scientifically tested to certify the Baltic Amber resin they use is 100 percent real so that you can feel safe confident when purchasing The Art of Cure products. Guaranteed

Home Amber Test: Dissolve 1/4 cup Salt into 2 cups water and WATCH IT FLOAT!

Parent supervision is recommended at all times.