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BABY Bodysuits | Onesies | Sleepwear

When you’re preparing for baby, looking for the perfect baby shower gift or designing cute outfits for special occasions, you’ll undoubtedly come across onesie bodysuits. These one-piece baby garments are ubiquitous in the world of baby, and for good reason! They’re versatile, comfortable and easy-to-clean staples for any new baby wardrobe. Here’s everything you need to know about these newborn and infant essentials.

Defined as one-piece underwear for babies, they can also be worn as top layers when the weather is warm. Broadly, the word refers to an infant’s close-fitting, lightweight garment featuring snaps at the crotch for easy diaper changes. They may either have long or short sleeves but don’t have legs, so they can easily be paired with leggings or pajama pants for a comfy, stretchy option year-round.

We always recommend that first-time parents stock up on plenty of onesies.  They make adorable outfits for daycare, playtime and even bringing baby home for the first time. There are onesie bodysuits for every theme, holiday and mood!

Can Babies Sleep in Onesie Bodysuits?

The experts recommend putting baby to sleep in garments that won’t ride up over the baby’s face, so onesie bodysuits are a good option in warmer weather like ours in Hawaii. When things cool down, it’s best to dress baby in long-sleeved sleepwear with feet so that they’re warm and don’t risk materials covering their face during snoozes. Our onesie bodysuits generally come in sizes Newborn through 18mos.