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Ocean Emporium

Ocean Emporium

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A treasure trove of extraordinary ocean animals.

Beneath the ocean waves lies a web of life that ties together creatures great and small. Fan favorites like hermit crabs and great white sharks share space with mysterious bottom-dwellers like mimic octopuses and giant sea spiders in this gorgeous exploration of the sea. Dive in and encounter some of the earth’s most remarkable animals in this gloriously illustrated compendium. A perfect gift for all nature lovers.

It’s the first US edition of this page-filled, creatures-captured in gorgeous art Ocean Emporium of ocean life. From Crabs to Octopuses, Sharks to Penguins, each collection’s variety is pictured and labeled with a brief paragraph about the groups. Susie Brooks introduces the book with a double-page spread explanation of the ocean’s circle of life, Apex Predator sharks to plankton, shellfish to krill. Her explanations on each page are summaries, but with them and Dawn Cooper’s realistic illustrations, readers will want to discover more through further research. The book ends with a vertical double-page of creatures of the deep, “the largest habitat on Earth”. Do you know the Helmet Jellyfish, the Harp Sponge or the Southern Ocean Giant Spider? You can see them on this page but will want much more after the view. Be sure to find this terrific new ocean book for a classroom or for individuals who want to know more!

5-9 years