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Remarkable Remy

Remarkable Remy

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Remarkable Remy is a warm and optimistic story that introduces an Autistic character to a young audience. The story helps explain the Autistic brain – how it works a little differently and how unique it is – and how our neurodivergent friends make the world remarkable!   
My best friend’s name is Remy.
I think Remy is remarkable.
Remy is Autistic. That means Remy’s brain works differently to my brain.
I love that Remy is different to me, because Remy can teach me new ways to experience the world.

A picture book for both Autistic and non-Autistic readers aged 3 and up, Remarkable Remy illuminates the experiences and strengths of Autistic people, and the joys of having Autistic friends.

Ages 3yrs+